Content is King! Our extensive catalogue contains softcore and hardcore adult programmes in all the main adult categories, as well as trendy niches, to make sure that you offer your customers the best selection of adult content.

The Passion4TV library contains over 2500 exclusive in-house produced titles (soft and hard), made by our own production teams.
Since we produce the content ourselves, we can offer all the rights that you need for your specific business model.

On top of the 2500 titles, we update our catalog with 30 new releases every month, enabling you to keep your adult offer fresh and up-to-date.


Adult Entertainment plays a key role in today's multimedia environment. In the beginning of 2010, Passion4TV recognized a demand for innovative, fresh and trendy adult TV and launched 2 TV channels in The Netherlands: Passie TV (softcore) and Passie XXX (hardcore). After the immediate introduction with Ziggo, other Dutch cable companies such as UPC, KPN and Vodafone soon followed, resulting in a 100% coverage in The Netherlands as well as Belgium (Belgacom) and an ongoing increase of monthly subscribers.

Combining Passion4TV's international focus with local success, the evident next step is an international distribution of our TV channels and while investigating the market, we noticed a great demand for channels that are different from the current offer in the erotic TV market. Our channels fill that gap with top-quality and exclusive content, programmed in a smart way, with a trendy & innovative design. 


With people nowadays using more devices than television alone, Passion XXX is also available online.

This gives you the opportunity to offer just that little extra service to your customers, enabling them to watch our content on all their devices. To make it even better, the online feature provides them with a wide range of SVOD titles as well.

Cable companies wanting to offer this solution to their clients can easily connect with our database to give their clients (free) access. By choosing Passion XXX, you are not only offering the best content but also the most consumer friendly solution out there!



14 themed blocks with daily premieres
Refresh rate of over 1250 hours a year
High-quality European content
Trendy, fresh & innovative design
For premium or extended packages
Available on Astra 5B
accessible through multiple devices

ABOUT PASSIONXXX     ( Visit website )

Passion XXX is an innovative 24/7 hardcore channel, broadcasting in several European countries. The channel sets itself apart from the competition simply by providing a much higher refresh rate of content, in a great variety of niches and genres. The style of the channel is fresh and modern, focusing on what's most important: the content!

Overall, the channel consists of 14 popular themes (shown on the next page), programmed in a way that provides the customer with the best mix and variety of content possible.
We make sure that we avoid repetition as much as possible, keeping the customers happy with new updates and 2 daily premiere blocks. That, together with ourchannel being 100% commercial-free, makes Passion XXX a real premium product with a great value for the end consumer.


Recent developments have made Passion XXX available on Astra 5B, opening up a geographical reach over Eastern Europe and neighboring markets.
Furthermore we can deliver a DVB compliant Transportstream via our fiber delivery network or via a contri-casting delivery network which enables delivery to any location with reliable public internet.


On top of that Passion XXX can now also be viewed online, giving your clients the opportunity to watch their favorite channel on their smartphones, tablets and computers.

Add Passion XXX to your adult content package and you will see that
one channel really CAN make a difference!

  • Amateur sex has been very popular over the last years and this section offers the best European girls within the genre.

    Nothing glamorous, just good and entertaining homemade porn.


  • One of the top genres in porn for ages;
    a secret fantasy of kinky girls, taking 'normal' sex just a stretch further.

    Passion XXX offers a mix of experienced anal lovers, as well as first-timers.


  • The success of certain books and blockbuster movies have aroused people's interest in BDSM over the past few years.

    From kinky bondage to hard s&m, with submission as the main focus.


  • The theme that offers the viewers of Passion XXX their daily dose of Big Boobs!

    Only hardcore videos, with girls having cup D and larger, give the large group of true fans exactly what they want...


  • Besides tulips and windmills, Holland is known for its open mind in regards to sexuality.

    This theme features amateur and professional Dutch models only.
    From Holland with love!


  • Passion XXX gives it's viewers a taste of the various sexy flavors of the world.

    A global theme featuring Spicy Latina's, Ebony Beauties and Mysterious Asian girls.


  • Whereas all content aired on Passion XXX is divided into scenes, this is a cherished exception.

    We work with top producers from around the world, providing our viewers with only the best full-length movies.


  • Feet, Latex, Leather, Uniforms, Nylons, food and Light S&M are just a few of the fetishes available in this exciting theme

    A great variety of quality fetishes that we often expand on viewers request.


  • A great variation of beautiful models come together in this girls-only theme.

    Although varying in age from teen to MILF, they all have one thing in common; the desire to be in female company.


  • A good wine gets better with age, and the same goes for the beautiful girls in this theme.

    Young to middle-aged moms, still extremely hot, but with a ton of sexual experience.


  • Orgies of 100, and sometimes even more than 200 people, amateur or pro!

    A theme that gives its viewers a VIP pass into the largest sex parties around the world.


  • A niche that started out small, but became ever so popular with the growth of internet porn.

    This content can be described as amateur, spontaneous and funny, but most of all: it could happen to you too!


  • Keeping a close eye on the top lists, this theme has content with only the most popular hardcore models.

    And these world famous porn babes are doing what they are really famous for...


  • They are young and they are proud of their beautiful bodies, eager to explore their sexuality.

    The Teen Club offers content from the niche's top producers, with fresh and bubbly girls of 18-21 years only.





Refresh rate of over 500 hours a year
For basic or premium /upselling packages
Compliant to international ratings
full scenes shot for softcore
Trendy, fresh & innovative design


A softcore channel with quality content: just a few words describing Passion Blue. Viewers of this 24/7 channel are offered content in the most popular adult themes, such as Solo, Couples, Lesbian and XXX Party, with a refresh rate of over 500 hours per year. That means weekly updates in each theme, to keep viewers coming back and to get them acquainted with the quality offered by Passion4TV.
Simply put, Passion Blue is the easiest way to upsell Passion XXX, our hardcore channel!

The content broadcasted on Passion Blue is softcore and reflects the same content type as well as the fresh & trendy design, making the upsell relevant and comfortable for the end consumer. This makes the channel perfect for basic, as well as upselling channel packages, ensuring a good conversion of Passion XXX amongst its customers.

Passion Blue's content is either shot directly for softcore or professionally edited to comply to standard ratings. This keeps them fun to watch: they don't suddenly stop when it gets too hot! So make sure to talk with us if you are looking for a full-on, standalone soft core channel too!

Please Contact us to discuss the various possibilities!

  • A variation of different girls, from blonde to brunette, from first-timer to experienced and from amateur to professional.

    All have one thing in common: they are proud of their bodies and aren't afraid to show it!


  • Full scenes, boy/girl only, but most of all: full softcore!

    You don't have to worry about a thing: we make sure that all content meets the ratings to keep the channel soft & suitable for all packages.


  • The only thing better than a beautiful babe... is two beautiful babes together, fully enjoying each other's company.

    We work with the best producers, to fill this theme with only the hottest models.


  • Sexy Games, Strippers, Shower Cams and Naughty Dancing... the girls at our Exclusive orgy clubs take partying to the max.

    Passion Blue gladly gives its viewers a softcore look into hardcore clubbing!





Being not only the exclusive distributor, but also the producer of most
of the content in the catalog, we can provide you with all required
licensing rights.

A few examples are:
Linear TV Broadcasting
Video On Demand - TVOD & SVOD
Hospitality TV & Closed circuit
4K Ultra HD
Internet & Mobile (VOD, Paysite)


With over 2500 titles and 30 monthly new releases we are able to provide you with the best variety of adult content in all genres you may need.

For every title we can deliver you:
The movie in the format that you require
The cover in PSD format, editable to your needs (e.g. localization)
High class art work (soft and hard)
Legal documents (fully 2257 compliant)
Detailed Meta data

Talk to us about your business model: we are open to flat fee deals as well as revenue share models. We are very flexible and so is our team.
Please Contact us for availability and pricing.






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